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Zetech Alumni fair hailed in style

Alumni Coffee

Former Zetech College students got together to mark the second alumni coffee re-union that took place at Pioneer Campus last Friday (May 16th 2014). The event scheduled for 5pm in the late afternoon saw guests stream into the vicinity from as early as 4pm. The mood of the campus was that borne of great anticipation and enthusiasm, only comparable to that of a mother re-uniting with his children after a long while.

To some, the years had not done them any justice as you would hear old associates lamenting each other on how old the other had grown. The congregation comprised of a blend of generations from those who had just recently concluded their education at the College, and those who had pioneered much earlier. It was an evening filled with a great sense of pride and belonging that was evident in the faces of the arriving alumnus the long handshakes and glitzy faces telling it all.

The fair was spearheaded by the College through its Placement Office under the Co-ordination of Mr. Lameck Tala the placement officer together with the Zetech College Alumni association (ZECA).
“Currently we have structured an alumni office in our newly built Ruiru campus facility which will serve as the Alumni office, the association will be mandated on the day to day operations of the office as we seek to build a strong alumni empire. Far more it’s been a great honor to host you all in this get together hoping that you will always respond in the same spirit as you have demonstrated today” said Mr. Tala.

The programme commenced on a high with the melodies of one David Kibera of Pistons Band infusing a great deal of calmness that found the comfort of many in the event. A showy recital; one would say in-complement of the Kibera duo. Among the re-known faces that graced the occasion was that of former Student leader Nicholas Saoke immediate former Miss Zetech Immaculate Aquinata, James Omondi (former student leader) among many others who joined in for the get together.

The Alumni Association through its spokesman Mr. Saoke vowed to give former Zetech students a chance to re-establish contacts and relationships ; he said will build a greater Zetech body by encouraging others to join in the fray. The Alumni were later treated into an evening cocktail of eateries that saw the guests exchange pleasantries. They mingled together with most members of the school administration who were also present at the event.

Also speaking was Jaika Arthur, an alumnus who retorted of his long fond desire to rejoin with the College, Jaika now an I.T specialist is a proprietor of an I.T consultancy firm in Westland’s. “This meet-up just summarizes my joy. I appreciate seeing my colleague’s as well as meeting other Zetech family members” said Jaika.

Among them the Principal, Professor Edwin Wamukoya, Business Development Manager Moses Maina, Marketing Manager Peter Osumba, Registrar – Academic Affairs Mr. Alphas Adonga among others. Speaking at the event Prof Wamukoya applauded the effort shown by the alumni body to reunite beyond college life terming it as timely and a worthy course.

“At a time that the college is transitioning into post College status, it is vital that all college organs move together towards one direction. It is my honor to be here among you and witness with you the success of this day” said Wamukoya.

The affair went until close to mid-night where the members mingled with each other later on to resign into the night.

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