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Alumni Chat

Zetech gave me exposure and instilled confidence in me

Meet Dorothy Juma

Tell us about yourself?

I was born 24 years ago in Nairobi in a family of three; one Sister and Two brothers. I currently work for Safaricom, Customer care Department.

What’s been your academic journey?

I began Schooling in 1996 at ST Paul’s Primary School Nairobi. In 2004, I joined Shauri Moyo Muslim Secondary School and thereafter enrolled at Zetech College in January 2010 and graduated in September 2011 with a Diploma in Public Relations.

How did you land the job at Safaricom?

I first came into contact with Safaricom through some of their dealers who went on to encourage me to apply for this job. I successfully did my interview and got the job.

How well did your experience at Zetech College prepare you for this job?

Actually, Zetech College equipped me with marketable skills that gave me an outstanding life character that has enabled me stand out from graduates from other Institutions at my place of work. I always find myself with special skills that give me an edge at my place of work. I studied Public Relations at Zetech and today my work entails PR and customer service.

Why Safaricom and not any other company?

Safaricom has given me great exposure and built a lot of the skills I have today. It is a likeable brand and am happy to associate with it because of this good image.

How does it feel to work with such a big company?

It is an incredible achievement and a big experience for me as I actually get to learn new ideas with so many dynamic people that I get to meet.

What would you say is your greatest achievement?

Reaching where I am today, actually I never thought I will be where I am today five years ago; Zetech College instilled the confidence in me and gave me exposure to a different career option.

What are your goals? Or where do you see yourself in five years time?

Am very optimistic about the next five years and I look forward to be a role model to many more.

How do you unwind when you are off duty?

I enjoy spending time with friends. I also love nature so I visit game parks and game reserves a lot. I also enjoy traveling around and admiring the scenic beauty in our country.

What is your advice to students and people who wish to venture in this career field?

First you need to be passionate in what you do and be positive in achieving greater heights even when faced with challenges. Trust in God to carry out your objectives and make sure that you work for life.

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