Academics, Alumni — April 8, 2013 at 9:33 am

Determination Sees Alumna Excel Post-ZETECH

By Babu Odondi

With Universities and Colleges churning out graduates at unprecedented speeds, the labour market has become a battle ground where only the fittest survive. The fittest have however come to be known as “those who know people”.

Ms. Mary Maina, a ZETECH alumna who pursued a JKUAT Diploma in Mass Communication, weathered the cut throat job market competition and put a bullet through the “you-have-to-know-someone” syndrome. After two years of seeming drudgery in the academic corridors, she finally received powers to read and do everything that appertains to the award.

Prior to her graduation, however, she was serving as an Intern in the Public Relations department at one of the Barclays Bank branches within the Nairobi CBD. Customer service was her chief responsibility.

In the course of Mary’s internship, her up-beat personality was noted by her workmates, sending positive smoke signals to the manager’s office. It wasn’t long before she was summoned by the hiring authority and offered the position of Customer Advisor. Her adept communication skills which were honed at Zetech, allowed her to be a confident negotiator and closer, making her excel.

A common joke among Mass Communication students who head out to media houses for industrial attachment is that they are usually signing up for ‘gym sessions’ as they will be tripod stand haulers. Mary’s experience however disapproves the ‘gym’ theory wrong as she chose to think out of the box, venturing into a different industry.

“Those seeking employment in today’s labour should be diverse and open-minded in their thinking to avoid confining themselves to specific career routes that may render them un-employed for long periods,” remarked Mary as her parting shot.

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