Academics — June 15, 2017 at 3:54 pm

Varsity Upgrades Facilities to boost Learning Experience

Hospitality Students preparing meals in the Kitchen

Eager to enhance the academic experience for students, the Zetech University Hospitality Department has expanded its kitchen and housekeeping facilities to enable students to better gain the necessary skills required for the service industry.

Equipped with a fully functioning kitchen and restaurant facility, the Hospitality trainees are already reaping the benefits of the developments, noting that they are better able to acquire top notch training to excel in the expanding sector.

Highlighting the importance of investing in the required resources for the delivery of quality service, varsity VC Prof. Edwin Wamukoya urged the Hospitality students to make the most of the ultra modern facilities in order to adequately ready themselves to outshine their peers,

“At Zetech, we are keen on investing in the latest resources that will empower our trainees to enjoy quality education; it is my hope that the trainees will make the most of the upgrade and use the knowledge to become respected professionals in the field.” said Prof. Wamukoya.

The Hospitality Management students are taken through the catering and service lessons in an equipped kitchen and thereafter put their skills into practice in a fully functioning restaurant, catering to guests from the community around the university.

Meanwhile, in the housekeeping section, which resembles the modern hotel scenario, students learn about room service cleanliness, aesthetic upkeep of rooms and proper maintenance as demanded by the industry.

He further noted the intentions of the varsity in growing course offerings, hinting at plans to introduce a Degree programme in the area to meet the demand for the coveted course.

Echoing the sentiments of the VC, Head of Department Paul Mwangi lauded the development, emphasising the importance of providing the best for the expanding student base interested in pursuing the course,

“This is a significant step as it allows our learners to effectively gain practical experience that is in line with the workings and demands of the hospitality industry,” Paul said, adding, “the future service professionals have expressed their appreciation and are excited about the enriched experience.”

Going forward, the varsity is committed to injecting sufficient investment in upgrading all departments to ensure students get the most out of the university experience.

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