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Five C’s that will Get You that Job

Five c's that will get you that job

Zetech University partnered with Daily Nation’s My Network team to hold an exciting three day Career Fair celebrating education and linking students with experts to advise them on how best to prepare themselves for the future.

In the unforgettable event, the varsity hosted numerous industry based talks at the main campus auditorium that saw experts from different fields share their life stories, their struggles and tips on what it takes to stand out in a competitive world.
During the session, HR Specialist Fred Gituku, Human Resources Manager at Vivo Energy Kenya and contributor with the My Network magazine, mentored the students on what is takes to excel after one completes their education.

Noting that the employment world is different from campus, the learners were encouraged to expose themselves to the needs of the market, to network with mentors and to build different skills that will significantly affect how they succeed in their careers of choice. In addition, he schooled them on the Five C’s he believes employers look for, calling on campus students to work on acquiring these important skills.

The C’s are:

1. Character: Employers are on look out for character, which results in minimum supervision. People want to hire people they can trust, person of integrity who do what they are supposed to with the stipulated deadlines.

2. Competence: Employers are looking for the competent persons, people who are up to the task and who can actually do what they included in the CVs. This is important as it gives the employer confidence in the future of their company.

3. Confidence: It is important for employers to hire someone who is confident; learn to look someone in the eye and articulate yourself well. In addition, have a solid handshake and speak with confidence.

4. Creativity: It is said that creativity is intelligence having fun. Employers want people who can help them build their business; are you someone who can challenge convention? This is an important element as this is what clients across the world are on the lookout for and if you master this, you will be noticed.

5. Collaboration: Employers want to know how well you can work with others. They employ team players because they understand the important of different people working together to meet the objectives of the company. So as you prepare for the job market, interact with fellow students and potential employers through clubs and societies and learn the art of being a team player.
This sound advice will go a long way in preparing young people for both the business and employment worlds and aptly bridge the gap between academics and actual execution of work in different careers, across the globe.

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