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Zetech Engineering Student opens up about Life in Campus

Zetech student Josephine Nzilani

This week’s student profile features Josephine Nzilani, who is an electric engineering student in her third year. Josephine, who is passionate about Electrical engineering, joined Zetech in September 2013 having overcome various challenges to make it to the university. She shares with Alfred Kilonzo what has and continues to be an awesome experience at the university:

Life at Zetech:
Course: Media Studies
Hobbies: Reading novels, hanging out with friends and travelling
Year of study: 3rd year
Branch: Thika Road Campus

Her Word:
I am very grateful to Zetech for the opportunity to grow in my career throughout my stay in the varsity. I have been exposed to engineering exhibitions in and outside the school, and this has helped me grow in my area of interest.

Her Confession:
I confess that I have enjoyed every bit of my stay here. I am most indebted to my campus mates for their conduct; it shows how the varsity is grooming us into men and women of substance.

Her Ambition:
I will go ahead with electrical engineering, as this is my passion. I am certain that internships will expand my knowledge further. I hope to make it big someday, to live to be an outstanding female electric engineer in Kenya and beyond.

Her Advice:
I would advise my schoolmates to make hay while the sun shines. Be passionate about what you have chosen to do and scale the heights to be a professional who can make a difference.

Her Message:

To the prospective students coming to Zetech, don’t worry too much. At Zetech, you will be trained to invent your future. No doubt, your dream will be brought into reality. You will also get to meet people from a different of backgrounds and lifestyles. This is fun and opens up your mind to various cultures. All in all, be wise in your interactions.

We wish her all the best.

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