Academics, Campus Tips — September 29, 2016 at 10:29 am

Tips- Getting Hired after Campus


Looking for work to earn an income even while in University is often an uphill task for young people. It is therefore important to have the right attitude and adequately put yourself out there with regard to your CV presentation. This week, we hosted a professional writer Edwin Maina who talked to students about presenting yourself excellently in order to get your dream job.
Here are 7 tips to guide you:

1. Think like an Employer and Like a Job Seeker
If you’re applying for a job or internship, it is advisable that you, “look at your experience from both sides; the potential employer’s and your own.

2. Craft a winning brief profile- Highlight your qualifications
Include a convincing short profile in your CV that clearly gives the reader a picture of what you have to offer a potential employer. Keep your summary brief.

3. Describe what you have achieved
Share details about projects you have been involved in that show leadership, commitment and determination. Include university and high school activities such as class representative, club membership, leadership roles, which will make you stand out.

4. Make sure your CV is well written
Put together a “reader-friendly” document and proofread the CV to check for grammatical and spelling errors.

5. Professional Memberships
Include information about professional memberships, role, duties and any awards won at university, or as part of an internship or volunteer experience.

6. Provide Contact Information:
It is important to include a mailing address, telephone number and professional e- mail address to enable potential employers to reach you easily.

7. Prepare for interviews
Ensure you are always ready for an interview. Buy some professional clothes in case you are called for an interview abruptly. Read a lot and always be ready to answer questions.

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