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Journalism — September 6, 2016 at 2:59 pm

A Great Start; a Positive Future for Varsity PR Intern

Hilda Mbugua
The only way to stay ahead is to go forward.-
A recent Public Relations graduate, Hilda Mbugua first heard about Zetech University from an acquaintance. Three months down the line, she says Zetech was the best career kick off she needed as a PR practitioner.

“I started my Internship in June, I was at first very uneasy about it. A friend had told me about Zetech but I truly did not know what to expect.” she said.
The multi-cultural setting of the University was one of the challenges she faced when she first joined,

“Zetech has a diverse cultural setting, so meeting new people and making friends seemed hard at first, but the reception I received from my colleagues was a great boost. I am honoured to have met so many great people.”

Hilda reveals that her three month stay at Zetech was eye opening and a great challenge to the ambitious and jovial young lady, “I was fortunate to learn a lot at Zetech and interact with different personalities. Above all I was able to gain insight on the practices of corporate communications and I am confident in my profession as I venture into other opportunities in the field.”

She adds that though she was mistaken for being a student at the varsity many times, she has grown in her career and now believes in the words her acquaintance had told her,

“When I was looking for Internship, my friend said to me that it’s not just about finding work but finding the right boss,” she says.

As the horizon of opportunities now seem brighter for the young graduate, she is positive and aims high on her career ladder. “There are many aspects about a career you are never taught in class, so finding the right place to start is important. I am grateful to Zetech University. “

The University Corporate Communications and Student Affairs Lead Moses Maina noted that the institution is keen on empowering both students and those transitioning into their desired careers. He added that the University has an active Placement Office that is focused on training young people to met career expectations and excel in professional environments.

Hilda notes that optimal growth is a great key to success in a career.Indeed, Zetech University wishes Hilda the best as she joins the vast world of opportunities and growth.

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