Academics — August 8, 2016 at 2:06 pm

Take 5 with Zetech University Student David Manza

Manza David- ZUSA“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”Jim Rohn. The author was right in emphasizing this point and David Manza, a Purchasing and Supply Management student at Zetech University agrees completely. He took time to speak to Hilda Mbugua, about what makes him tick, his role as a student leader and his love for rhumba.

ZU: You are currently serving in the student union, what position?
David: I am the Organising Secretary of Zetech University Student’s Association (ZUSA).

ZU: As the organizing secretary, what roles do you perform?
David: I am in charge of organising of student empowerment trainings, forums, student trips and mobilising of students for activations and different exciting events at Zetech. Moreover, I seek corporate sponsors to support student events and provide potential mentors.

ZU: What do you aspire to become later in life and who inspires you?
David: I want to be one of the leading entrepreneurs in Kenya, in my view the Kenyan Tycoon Chris Kirubi, acts as a good mentor as he is well versed in the entrepreneurship sector and I look up to him. I also hope to be socially and financially stable.

ZU: What is your typical daily routine at the varsity? Do you enjoy what you do?
David: Yes, I really enjoy what I do as I get to interact with my fellow students. As for my routine, my day starts at the student’s office, where after I attend meetings, mobilise and talk to students in order to get their views and I ensure I attend lectures depending on the timetable set.

ZU: Do you believe in youth empowerment? How have you contributed to it?
David: Yes I do! ‘The youth are the leaders of today’. I have supported the liberating idea through the hosting of forums in the academic, financial and social aspects of life for Zetech students.

ZU: What is your advice to students?
David: Live life with passion; make use of your full potential. Don’t procrastinate and never under estimate your potential.
U: Any talents?
David: I believe I posses skills in leadership and I can also play online games.

ZU: What interesting aspect don’t people know about you?
David: As a student leader it wise to be presentable at all times thus I dress in official clothing on a daily basis.

ZU: What are your talents?
David: Away from Zetech, I enjoy travelling and making friends. In my spare time I listen to Country and Rhumba.

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