Campus Tips — July 25, 2016 at 2:01 pm

Girls’ Guide to Staying Fit in Campus

The 21st century has become an interesting era as most young ladies strive to have the ‘perfect body’.  There is a strong urge to have a cinched waist, firm shoulders and toned legs with many ladies aiming at having curves like the famous pop singer Beyonce’ Knowles and other pop artists. However, shortcuts such as self starvation aren’t the best way to achieve a fit body. Time and effort is required to attain your desired result. What is most important however, is staying healthy.

This week, Hilda Mbugua put together a few tips for the modern girl on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting a well toned body in the process. Remember, before beginning any exercise routine or diet schedule, you should contact a physician for more instructions.

1.    Carry out efficient research before beginning your training. It is important to note that men and women have different body composition thus require different workouts so as to acquire their fitness goals.

2.    Balance your body workouts. It is important to work on the whole body i.e arms, shoulders, core, legs and back side. As part of your workout routine, learn to interchange the workouts so as to target the different parts of your body.  Learn about squats, lunges, pushups, planks and how to do include them in your daily or weekly routines in order to keep fit and look great.

3.    Maintain a balance diet. It is irresponsible to extensively workout and thereafter slow down your efforts as a result of unbalanced meals. Ensure that your meals contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Avoid excessive sugar and salt as they hinder ones’ efforts by settling on the face, cheeks and stomach area.  We all love junk food but it is try your best not to eat too much of it; you can have a cheat day once in a while so as to satisfy your cravings.

4.    Drink plenty of fluids. Your body needs to stay hydrated as you train and exercise. Carry water bottle to the gym, if you go to one, or as you run or train at home so as to avoid thirst due to intense sweating.

5.    Have adequate rest. It is crucial to let you body rest and replenish its strength after working out. Ensure to get 6-8 hours of rest so that your body can becomes more energized and fresh for the next training session.  This also helps to regulate your metabolism, repair your muscles, and boost your athletic performance as well as keep you healthy and strong.

6.    Don’t overwork your body. Too much of something is poisonous. Overworking your body will only lead to pain, injuries and exhaustion.  Ensure that you work out between 30-60 minutes as this is a suitable amount of time to meet your exercise needs.

7.    Use good gear and footwear. Invest wisely in sports gear outfits; ensure that the gear is well fitting and trendy, if you wish. Get a fitting sports bra, tights and good footwear which are the appropriate sizes to ensure your exercise experience is comfortable.

8.    Make a commitment with friends who have the same goals as you. This helps to keep you motivated and more dedicated to your work out routines.

9.    Adopt a new hobby like boxing, swimming or dancing.  This helps to complement your fitness lifestyle as you achieve your goals. Ensure to pick an activity that suits you and is enjoyable.

10. Join a Sports team: You can also challenge yourself to try and join a university sports team, such as the Zetech basketball or football or taekwondo and karate teams if you have the talent and time. This is a great way to stay in shape.

11.     Have fun.  You will exercise to your full potential if you enjoy what you do. Music acts as a gateway for enjoying one’s workout. Simply carry your Phone/ iPod as you go for your run, the gym or walk and play your favorite music to ensure you have a great time.
A healthy lifestyle will enable you to effectively study and better understand what you learn and improve your overall experience as a campus student. We will you all the best!

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