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Why University is Important for you



Are you unsure on whether to join an institution of higher education? Have you been wondering about the benefits of joining an institution of higher learning? Taking the bold step to pursue your dream can be challenging but once you understand the importance, you are on the right path.John Kasaine notes five reasons why you should join university and kick-start your career life:

1.    You actually decide on what you want to study;
In O levels and primary school we don’t have much choice on what we want to study. University gives you a range of fields to venture into and the most incredible thing is you actually decide what you want!

2.    Increase Qualification for Job Prospects in Future;
Today, all fields in the world are very competitive. Higher education gives you an upper hand in the job market. The skills set you acquire at university become a selling point for your career of choice.

3.    To build self confidence, Independence and Responsibility;
University or any institution of higher learning does not only give you knowledge but also builds you as a person. You get to discover yourself, build on your talent and skill and explore opportunities. These will consequently lead to your independence, confidence and responsibility.

4.    Development of your country;
A nation is built by the hard work and labor force of its people. As a citizen you are mandated to work in the building of your country. The skills you get in university build the social structures, economic systems and political ideals of your country.

5.    Networks;
A university is a multi-cultural environment. In a university, people from both local and international walks of life meet.  As a student you get the chance to meet, Interact and create relationships with these people that will help in future.

These are just a few points on why you should make a decision to pursue a Degree or Diploma of choice. You’re more than welcome you to join Zetech University and Invent your Future.

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