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What I wish I knew in my 20’s?


Twenties is a very crucial time in one’s life. This is the stage where young people begin to grow and discover their strengths and weaknesses. At this stage, people learn how to build their careers as well develop their social and personal lives.
Moreover, It is important to make the right choices at this point in one’s life; smart choices count in one’s life. Hilda Mbugua sat down with a few personnel at Zetech on the choices they made back in their 20’s and what they wish they should have done better:
prof-in-gear Prof Edwin Wamukoya, Vice Chancellor
The Professor wishes he would have invested his money in education early as he strongly believes in higher education. He pursued this dream by ensuring he achieved a Master’s and PHD.

In terms of relationships, the VC believes that during his era, the youth were truthful and faithful and parents were more strict. He argues family values were more respected, unlike today. Sometimes he wishes things would go back to how they were when he was a young man.

Personal Development
Prof. Wamukoya believes in participating in co curricular activities; he enjoyed sports by playing football, handball and even got to the nationals while in campus. In addition, took part in athletics and he got him to the nationals. Prof. was also active Drama and music.

The Professor advises young people to actively participate in co curricular activities as that is what has kept him energetic to date. In additional, he argues that relationships should be more truthful and family valued, especially in this day and age and that young people must make a conscious decision to use their time wisely in the 20’s.


Elizabeth 1

Elizabeth Muhia- Dean of Student Affairs – Zetech University

Ms Muhia wishes she had focused more on managing her money and knew a bit more about entrepreneurship opportunities; she would definitely have had a few investments to add value to her life.

As for relationships, she believes she was successful in hers and urges young people to be committed to their fiends. In addition, young people should focus on the positive side of relationships and build one another.

Personal Development
Being a woman of many traits, the Dean shares that was very active in co curricular activities. She was active in sports; she played hockey and netball. She however  wishes she would have learned how to swim better to participate in national competitions.
Her wish concerning education is that she would have committed to studying continuously with no breaks, even if it this meant juggling education and marriage at the same time.

Her advice to young people is they should learn how to balance their lives by knowing that there is time for everything, moreover, they should be on the look out  for opportunities to develop their lives.


Mark Henry Kariuki, Head of Department- Business, Zetech University
Money Matters
The ever lively Business HOD reveals he was a business man back in campus, selling eggs and vegetables, raking in at least Sh. 10,000 a week. He believes students should start saving and investing at a young age to secure their future.

According to him, he suggests that unit trusts and small businesses are a great way to make and invest money.

Mark Henry says he was careful to relate with like-minded people who had a vision and a purpose and argues that students should choose friends who have a plan for their lives.

He committed to his campus sweetheart and married at a young age; a step he does not regret.

Personal Development
Back in campus, Mark was active in swimming and drama and believes it is possible to balance academics, business and co-curricular activities, if one sets his/her mind on success.

In addition, the focused HOD has completed his Masters and is pursuing a PhD at JKUAT and he is yet to hit 30; a true inspiration.

His advice to young people is to always seek to solve a need in society, in order to start making money and making a difference. He urges them to aspire to be great and always have passion and a vision for their lives.


Peter Osumba, Marketing Manager, Zetech University

Money Matters:
Mr. Osumba is proud that he used his money wisely by saving back in his 20’s and believes that students should develop a savings culture from an early age and learn how to invest.

In terms of relationships, the marketing manager believes that he was successful in this sector as it led to a wonderful family; the ideal family every man would want. He calls on young people to link up with friends who add value to one’s life.

Personal Development
Mr. Osumba shares that he was a student leader from high school to University which laid a foundation for his current leadership roles.Young people, according to him, should take up leadership opportunities in campus.

He however expressed that he should have known his full potential, career wise at that time in his life.

The Marketing Manager wishes he realized he wasn’t a good footballer and has a scar to remind him of that.He also wishes he would have taken up more co curricular activities such as swimming, table tennis during his campus days as he had a lot of time. Now he has no time.

The Marketing Head says, ‘discover your talents and abilities in your youth and work hard at it to reap early rewards.’ He also advised the youth to take time to live their lives.


Theophilus Muuo, Lecturer, Production and Sound Engineering

Money Matters
The Production Lecturer loves studio work and believes he should have invested in his own business by opening up a studio in his younger years.

According to Theo, relationships should come later in life. As a student one should concentrate in their studies first. They should make friends but should not be in a hurry to date.

Personal Development
Mr. Muuo wishes he would have produced his own music album and furthered his studies earlier. However, this is something he still looks forward to doing.
In addition the production lecturer was very much engaged in sports as he played football. If given a chance, he would have played instruments and joined music bands during his younger years.

His advice to the youth is to concentrate on their studies as other things come later.

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