Events, Journalism — June 30, 2016 at 5:39 pm

Zetech VC Calls on Government to set up Talent Academies


Zetech University Vice Chancellor Prof Edwin Wamukoya is rooting for the establishment of talent academies in all counties. He said the government should set aside funds for the academies adding that there is a lot of untapped talent across the country that needs to be nurtured all the way from primary school.

Prof. Wamukoya said the talent academies will help nurture talents among the youth. He said most talented youth are left on their own and lack advice and training. “I call upon the government to take the issue of talent development among the youth seriously. This will help in alleviating the problem of unemployment among the youth as well as assist in the fight against alcohol and substance abuse,” Wamukoya said.

He was speaking at Karung’ang’i Secondary School in Maragua constituency on Wednesday. Wamukoya urged society to support youths who do not perform well in academics. “Society will play a major role in helping the students realise and develop the talents by encouraging them,” he said.

Prof. Wamukoya used the opportunity to encourage students to pursue their talents. He also called on the government to invest and establish talent development centres in the country to nurture students’ skills and provide them the opportunity to generate income as a result,

“I believe it will beneficial for the government to set aside funds for talent academies in all counties; the training will enable our young people to better develop their skills and ultimately contribute to the country’ s economic development, as they pursue their dreams.” Prof. Wamukoya said.

He further called on the learners to adopt a winning attitude and to diligently study in order to one day join reputable institution of higher learning, as he emphasized Zetech University’s commitment to excellence through quality university education,

As a seasoned educator, I must emphasis the importance of education as a tool for success. No one can take your education from you. Do your best in your studies so that you can pursue your desired career at university level. At Zetech, we encourage hard work and focus.” said Prof. Wamukoya.

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