Sports — May 25, 2015 at 6:31 pm

Zetech Basketball Teams Soar in Nairobi Basketball League

Zetech Sharks pose with coach Maurice Obilo after winning their game against USIUThe Zetech basketball teams yet again displayed exemplary performances in the ongoing Nairobi Basketball League games that continue to take shape every weekend.

The ladies, referred to as the Zetech Sparks, rose to expectation by thrashing African Nazarene University a whopping 48 points against the opponent’s 11 points, after a heated game at the Railways Club in Nairobi County.

The game was characterized by the Sparks dominating all quarters of the match among chants and cheers by the team’s supporters and managing to complete successive shots to claim their triumph.

Maurice Obilo, an undeniably proud Coach, expressed delight at the team’s performance, noting that the team has sustained stamina, winning a majority of the competitive games this year.

“The ladies were able to maintain the lead throughout the game and I am proud of their efforts. We plan to continue training and doing our best to ensure with rise in the league.” he shared.

Meanwhile, the men’s team titled Zetech Sharks gave a thrilling performance the same afternoon as they met head on with the USIU basketball team. In front of a gathering of fans, mostly championing for Zetech to win, the game kicked off in high gear with the Sharks taking the lead almost immediately.

The 1st quarter saw both teams garner just a few points as both teams were highly charged and focused a lot on defense. However, by the close of the 1st section of the match, the Sharks were on a 5 point lead against USIU.

In the subsequent quarters, the Sharks battled to maintain the lead with some of the point guards- Dennis Kithithu and Ian Miundu empower the team maintain a 10 point lead ahead of their opponents.

“The Sharks continue to impress; USIU is indeed a tough team and registering a win against them is definitely a plus for the Sharks,” commented Alfred Muli, Head of Sports, Zetech University.

As the games came to a dramatic close, an impressive and consequent double shot by point guard Ian Muindu saw the Sharks soar to a 49-38 lead against USIU. With only 10 seconds of play left, the Sharks managed to garner more points and ultimately, they claimed a 51-38 victory over USIU.

Noting the great performance of the teams, the university’s Dean of Student Affairs Elizabeth Muhia extended a congratulatory message to the teams while observing that the management remains committed to providing all that the teams will need to continue excelling in the games.

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